Orban Madaras

By René Dario Herrera

From a distance, the dwarf Orban Madaras may be mistaken as a human. Orban plays the intimidating part well. He wears a brigandine made decades ago with durable steel plates forged by the armorers of Mahakam, whose tradition dates back thousands of years. In this time, Orban has had to have the flexible armor repaired, replacing the heavy fabric but keeping the steel plates intact. Recently, Orban commissioned the armorer to add a secret pocket to the brigandine. A pocket where he could keep his lock pick tools. Orban also carried a poniard, a short blade, often confused as a dagger by those who were not familiar with Dwarven weapons. In truth, he rarely used the blade, preferring to dose his victims with chloroform before robbing them of their money pouch.