Waiting for a Blind Date

By René Dario Herrera

This isn’t like me. Waiting for a blind date? It isn’t like me to wait for, how long has it been now, over an hour - it hasn’t felt like an hour. And I’ve never even heard of this coffee shop before. But there is something about this space. I feel good sitting here. The shop is decorated, with a few brightly colored geometric paintings on each wall. The warm lighting brings out the rich pigments of the oils used. The lighting seems to make everything look better, even me! I’ve never looked this good. While I’ve been waiting, I’ve taken dozens of selfies. Each one is a keeper. Although I should be feeling impatient, I’m not at all bothered by having been made to wait. This Elle had better be the most amazing person.

It was Elle’s biography, written for the dating app profile, that caught my attention. I’ve read it several dozen times, and never before have I been so hypnotized by a piece of writing. Each word flows rhythmically to the next. Surprisingly, after having only spent a few minutes chatting with Elle by instant message, I immediately accepted her request for a date. But now I find myself waiting.

It’s fine, I tell myself. I don’t mind that I’m here in this bewitching coffee shop. Checking my phone’s camera again, I look irresistible in this light. How long has it been now, over two hours? It hasn’t felt that long at all.

Tags: fiction weird