Waiting for a Blind Date. An Alternate Version

By René Dario Herrera

Yesterday, a mysterious notification appeared on Clara’s phone. The notification indicated that Clara had been selected for a special beta trial of a new dating app. Clara didn’t remember installing it, but the app piqued Clara’s interest. After browsing through the app’s selection of delightfully attractive biographies, she chose one person, Elle, to connect with. To Clara’s surprise, Elle responded in seconds, suggesting a date. Even more surprising, was how quickly Clara accepted.

Fast-forward to today. Clara has been waiting for Elle at Bright Hall Coffee, for over an hour. The space, recommended to them by the app, was minimalist, but cozy. Clara checked her phone, for the fiftieth time. She used her phone’s selfie camera to admire herself. The warm lighting was flattering, making Clara appear almost ethereal. Clara felt warm and at peace. Clara was surprised to find she didn’t mind having been made to wait for so long. Maybe it was because she was rereading Elle’s biography.

This dating app didn’t have photos. Each entry had only a name and a short biography. Elle’s biography was only 250 words, exactly, but Clara was under its spell. Clara reread the biography again, for the fifty-first time. It was enchanting. Clara would continue to wait for Elle. At the very least, she would wait long enough to meet the person who wrote that fascinating biography.

Tags: fiction weird