René Dario Herrera

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Blog Posts

  • Ondurin Visits Carefree Carp

    By René Dario Herrera
    Ondurin, a dwarf traveler from Mahakam, would soon be arriving at Carefree Carp. Ondurin wasn’t looking forward to visiting such a small village, but Carefree Carp was located near the delta of the Carp River, and it hosted a summer craft festival. Wealthy visitors and merchants from nearby cities would... [Read More]
  • Ordurin and Orban

    By René Dario Herrera
    Ordurin awoke. Darkness all around. Not the familiar darkness of an underground Dwarven fortress. Not familiar like his ancestral home of Mahakam. It was dark and damp. He was on a small boat. “About time you’re awake.” announced the resonate voice. “I didn’t think such a small dose of chloroform... [Read More]
  • Ordurin Unlas

    By René Dario Herrera
    The dwarf Ordurin Unlas stood short, even for a dwarf, but burly as a boar. At 200 years of age, Ordurin was still relatively young. All those years still gave Ordurin a measured perspective and thoughtfulness. He spoke carefully. Each word was chosen for maximum impact. Indeed, Ordurins love for... [Read More]
  • Orban Madaras

    By René Dario Herrera
    From a distance, the dwarf Orban Madaras may be mistaken as a human. Orban plays the intimidating part well. He wears a brigandine made decades ago with durable steel plates forged by the armorers of Mahakam, whose tradition dates back thousands of years. In this time, Orban has had to... [Read More]
  • An Incident from my Childhood

    By René Dario Herrera
    I grew up in southwestern New Mexico. Rural. High desert, full of shrubs, the landscape dotted with an occasional tree and bush. The population was, maybe, 1,500 in the village where I lived with my parents. My father spent his childhood as a farm laborer, working across southern New Mexico’s... [Read More]